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My Side

My name is Stark. My species is Banik, a race of former slaves. I am also a Stykera, a holy man of my people, my energies attuned to the dead and the dying.

I'm not sure what happened, or exactly how I ended up in this reality, but I've fallen in with the crew of the Mumak. They've been very kind to me.

Apparently we're going to bring down an evil galactic government. If they're anything like the Peacekeepers -- and from what I've heard, they are -- this can only be a good thing.

I am a little worried, however, as I have a life besides my own to consider these days...

[Stark's LJ was created for theatrical_muse, and is currently kinda-sorta an adjucunt to b7_rpg Disclaimer: The character belongs to the writers of Farscape.]